About Value Maids

Your Third House
Cleaning Is


  • When you sign up with Value Maids for the first time
  • Payment of initial and second cleaning is required
  • Up to a value of $100 for your third house cleaning
  • Can't be combined with other offers

Value Maids started in 1995 with a mission to provide a superior cleaning service at a reasonable price. This simple but very relevant concept was born based on the challenge that many families face today. This is, to keep a house fresh a clean while maintaining a busy schedule and a tight budget. It is also based on the idea that families and individuals should spend most time and energies in what it is important to them in life. And while maintaining a healthy and clean house greatly supports attaining those important goals, spending the time to do it does not.

After trying several services in the early nineties, I said to myself - there has to be a better way to do this! This is when I decided to use my engineering background to design an improved process that would deliver an effective service. The second main ingredient would be team work and a real focus on the employee. I believe we all deserve the opportunity to grow both personally and financially. And we take it very seriously to support everyone working at Value Maids. It is the right thing to do and makes business sense to me. We of course are not done and continue to improve our operations continuously. Whether through the use of innovative information technology, or with the use of the latest cleaning products and tools, we strive to provide you with the best service.

Let us show you what we can do for you to keep your house fresh and clean. And I promise you will not be disappointed. Discover how affordable Value Maids is by giving us a call at 770-667-6372, or by dropping us a line in Contact Us to schedule a free on-site estimate.

Kind regards,

Bertha Harrisson